Ultimate Rainbow Stacker Bundle

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This ultimate bundle consists of everything you need to have a rainbow fun with your family, friends and the little ones! 

  • Rainbow Stacker (12 pcs)
  • Rainbow Coloured Balls (8 Pcs)
  • Rainbow Step Planks (11 Pcs)
  • Rainbow Semi-Circle Planks (11 Pcs)
  • Rainbow Wood Dolls (12 Pcs)
There isn't any right or wrong way to use it. You can get creative with these by stacking them on top of each other, build tunnels and many more. It is a multi-functional and an open-ended play toy for toddlers, kids and adults - great for a family get-together session any time. 

The colours are so vibrant & esthetically pleasing, definitely a great toy to add to a play area - they instantly brightens up the mood in everyone. 

Product Safety:

  • Made using natural wood 
  • Non-toxic water-based colour paint 
  • Paint does not come off when being soaked in water 
  • Slight surface roughness for easy stacking, etc. 
  • No chipped wood / sharp edges 
  • Parent supervision is encouraged when product is being used or played by babies that have the tendency to chew/bite on it.  

Click here to see our ultimate rainbow bundle set. 

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