Rainbow Step Planks (11 Pcs)

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There are so many ways you can play around with these rainbow planks - there isn't any right or wrong way to use it. 

This product is best when it's played together with our 12 pcs Rainbow Stacker - more possibilities & outcomes. 

It is a multi-functional and an open-ended play toy for toddlers, kids and adults - great for a family get-together session any time. 

The colours are so vibrant & esthetically pleasing, definitely a great toy to add to a play area - instantly brightens up the mood in everyone. 

There are 11 pieces of beautiful rainbow planks, the largest one measuring 37cm by 7cm, thickness is about 2cm each. 

Product Safety:

  • Made using natural wood 
  • Non-toxic water-based colour paint 
  • Paint does not come off when being soaked in water 
  • Slight surface roughness for easy stacking, etc. 
  • No chipped wood / sharp edges 
  • Parent supervision is encouraged when product is being used or played by babies that have the tendency to chew/bite on it.  

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