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Parklon Pure Soft Cloud Hillview Play Mat (M12/L15)


Order today & receive it within 7 working days or earlier. Korea Logistics tracking code will be sent to you within 3 working days. 

Parklon is well known for its premium quality mats, it's safe and durable. It has great cushioning (chewy touch) that makes it safe for babies to crawl and roll on it. 

These Parklon mats are waterproof, you can clean off food stains or spilled liquid just by using a tissue. 

These Parklon mats are 100% authentic, they are shipped directly from origin - Korea & they go very well with our 9+1 play yards. You may refer to our photos. 

Sizing Guide: 

*We normally encourage to have our play yard sitting on top the play mat as it will provide even more stability - L15 will be a great option*

M12 mats will sit nicely inside our 9+1 play yard. (Does not sit on top of the mat) 

L15 Parklon Mat measurement: 2100mm x 1400mm x 15mm (thickness)

M12 Parklon Mat measurement: 1900mm x 1300mm x12mm (thickness) 

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