Little Wiwa Lille Verden Beton [Generös]

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Note: If you are looking for an excellent quality play mat to go with our 9+1 play yard, you may select from Little Wiwa's Generös range. 

9+1 play yards measurement: 180*120 cm / 196*133 cm

Little Wiwa Play mat measurement: 200cm*140cm*15mm (Thickness)

Lille Verden (Small World)

Welcome to our magical small world, imagined from the innocence of a child. Where all bunnies, bears,
deer and foxes wander harmoniously around the woodlands. Alongside the stretch of train tracks, little
houses scatter near lakes, surrounded by tall trees and hills to climb. Invigorating the little ones’
imagination to play while nurturing ours, as the shade of sage wash unnecessary worries with a calm.
Our new collection is tailored for the family; where simplicity meets creativity. The Lille Verden is
designed to encourage the little ones to express their imagination and experiences in their unique ways,
where anything is possible and endless.

Beton (Concrete)
Accents a raw sophistication, the Beton takes on a cool, simple tone for your home. Its neutral shades
are designed to blend seamlessly into every nooks and corners. The perfect foundation to build from for
any room you decide. This new design is tailored for you; the Beton is designed with the comfort and
safety to suit your little ones, while aesthetically indulging your eyes. The minimalist homes must-have.



Generös: 200cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 15mm thick 

 Non toxic TPU Foam
Designed in Australia

BONUS FEATURE: All Little Wiwa play mats come rolled up with 3 Velcro straps in the packaging - these are reusable and sustainable! Handy for when you have to roll them up again for cleaning/ to take them outdoors/ playdates. So be sure not to cut them off ;) 

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