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Dawn Showers Swaddle/Blanket Set


Designed by Baby Towkay

Dawn Showers - Rainbow droplets are seen in the print, it reminds our little ones that rain doesn't always mean bad & that showers always come before a rainbow. This beautiful dreamy print is so cheerful, it is suitable to be given as a gift.  

This swaddle is a multi-functional product that can be used in a few different ways because of the fabric that is being used. You may swaddle your little one up with all sides tugged in or tie a knot at the bottom of the swaddle. This will create a more roomy space for the little one to stretch and also move around a little in the swaddle. 

This swaddle is designed to be big enough to be a blanket for perhaps car rides and even a mattress cover if you like! Please do check the measurements because it only fit a few mattresses. 

Another way you can use it is to use it as a cover for your prams to shade your little one from the sun. For breastfeeding mummies, this swaddle is big enough to be used as a nursing cover, it is non-sheer. 

Measurement of Swaddle/Blanket: 120cm x 120cm 

Material of Fabric: Organic rayon polyester fabric 

If you like to send this to your friend as gift, you may check out this link.

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