Bundle: Pigvely Parklon (L15) + Classic Play Yard (9+1 door)

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Backorder of the play yard will arrive mid-July. Please join only if you are comfortable with the waiting time. 

We will only send out your order when the play yard has arrived.

Parklon mat is 100% authentic, it is shipped directly from Korea. Size of mat: L15 (2100mm*1400mm*15mm thickness) Weight: 11kg. The mat is 2 sided. Please see image for the other side of the mat design. 

9+1 Play Yard will sit on top of the Parklon mat(L15) which gives better stability. 

9+1 Play Yard: 

*Version 2*: New door mechanism which allows door to be opened only from outside, not from inside the play yard. (Child is not able to open the door) 

Play pen measurement: 133cm*196cm, height: 60cm

Food grade UV Resistance material is used to make this play fence which is safe for kids.

What is included?

-Play Yard (9 fence+1 door) 

-Fence Support (6 pieces)  

-Rubberized inserts (20 pieces)


(You may also check out our IG page & click on the "PLAY YARDS" tab to visually understand how good this product is!) 

🌟 Playpen Size: 9+1 door: 133cm*196cm 

*We normally encourage to have our play yard sitting on top the play mat as it will provide even more stability - L15 will be a great option*

M12 mats will sit nicely inside our 9+1 play yard. (Does not sit on top of the mat) 

L15 Parklon Mat measurement: 2100mm x 1400mm x 15mm (thickness)
M12 Parklon Mat measurement: 1900mm x 1300mm x12mm (thickness) 

🌟It comes with a base support for all sides and a plastic rubber under every fence so the play yard will stay in place and not shifted when force is exerted. (All Set comes with it) -

🌟 Available in 4 colour combinations 

🌟We have 2 types of mats available, 1cm & 2cm thickness - Price and size varies. Please DM us on IG @babytowkaysg for clarification. 

🌟Pricing wise, it’s quite reasonable for a pretty play yard, you have the option of sizing it. As for its quality and material, we can confidently say that it’s good and safe for kids play (knowing that babies tend to “chew” on edge of the fences). PS: we are using it too! -

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