Classic Play Yard (9+1 door)

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If you are looking for a play yard with a minimalistic design and one with a size just right for a baby nursery or kids play area, you may consider this Activity Play Yard. 

Our play yards are well known for its stability. The divider supports and rubber inserts help to keep the play yard in shape and preventing it from toppling over if the little one pushes it or uses it as a support to walk/stand. 

We have several video reviews on how sturdy our play yards are & they are up on our Instagram highlights. Instagram @babytowkay or you may simply click on the link here.

Play Yard measurement: 133cm*196cm, height: 60cm

What is included?

-Play Yard (9 fence+1 door) 

-Fence Divider Supports 

-Round Rubberized inserts


1. What is the difference between Classic Play Yard & Activity Play Yard?

Activity play yard comes with an activity play fence which classic play yard does not have. In terms of stability and quality, they are just as good. In terms of sizing, classic play yard is slightly bigger by a little. If this slight size difference doesn't make much difference to you, then it's more of which design you prefer. 

2. What play mats do they fit?

Little Wiwa - Generos Series , Parklon - M12/L15 Parklon Series , PU mat

If you have another mat that is not within this range, take the measurement of your mat. Please ensure that play mat size is bigger than our play yard. 

We recommend to have our play yard sitting on top the play mat as it will create more stability. 

3. What sizes/colours do you have for both play yards?

What's listed our website is only 9+1 play yards & a few common colour combination. 

We have 11+1 play yards too, and if you like to create a bigger play yard by adding more fences / have your preferred colour combination. please get in touch with us privately. 

4. Does it include assembly upon delivery? 

No, our play yards are really easy to set-up. 

5. Does $180 includes delivery?

Yes, it does. 

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