My name is Vel & I am the founder of Baby Towkay. It is my pleasure to have you here. "Towkay" basically means boss/business owner. So if you put them together, it's actually "Baby Boss". Baby Towkay is established in early 2019. 

Our team is based in Singapore & it consist of:
An in-house designer that helps to curate beautiful clothes for Baby Towkay & a social media guru that helps to manage our Instagram account & engagements. Our aim is to provide only the best quality products we believe it's practical & value-for-money. 

Ever since the start of Baby Towkay, play yards are known to be one of our well selling products & they still are! We are also an official stockist of Little Wiwa Play Mats.

We also have our very own garment line specially designed by our in-house designer ; fabric is carefully picked for the best comfort & style.
We are trying our best our best to cater all our products to our customers world-wide but at the moment only our garments are available for international shipping. 
Due to Covid-19, there is a limit and/or high cost of shipping bulky items on cargos. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

Baby Towkay is opened to both local international collaborations & opportunities to grow our brand in many awesome ways.
If you are interested, please contact us at babytowkay@gmail.com .

Thank you,
Baby Towkay